roksponsmallDavid Shevyn, general manager of GIK Acoustics, a company which manufactures acoustic equipment for home theatres, recording studios, restaurants, listening rooms and auditoriums, will be sharing his insights into what it takes to create a home music studio that has the same acoustics as a professional workspace, at The Indulgence Show.


Latest research undertaken by UK Music, which represents every part of the UK recorded and live music industry, reveals that there are 70,700 musicians and 11,100 music producers and recording studio staff in the UK. This makes studio time quite scarce and potentially rather expensive so, to combat these issues, musicians will often need to look at alternative locations for where they can record their music. David will cover areas including positioning your setup, early reflections, bass issues and late reflections. Hifi Pig have attended David’s talks before and found them to be very helpful indeed.

The Indulgence Show is at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith from 14-16 October 2016.


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