Hungarian manufacturer Human Audio, who have previously released loudspeakers and electronics encased in bamboo, have announced a new, more conventional looking black box called the Muto which is a Latin word and means: transform, exchange.

The Muto is an internal battery powered HD DAC up to 24bit / 192kHz with two selectable digital (S/PDIF) inputs which are configurable to 75 ohm BNC-BNC, BNC-RCA or RCA-RCA.

The analogue outputs are RCA. The Muto has two internal LiFePO4 batteries with 14-16 hours operation time and the whole charging process is automated. The recharging starts when the unit is switched-off or when switched-on and the level of batteries reaches a critically low state. The Muto has a unique discrete analogue output stage in order to “reach the ultimate audio performance.”

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