Combining valve rectification with only two audio valves the Icon Audio MB30SE has been designed with purist MB30SEsimplicity in mind.  With an output of up to 27 watts the MB30SE is versatile and capable of high volume levels with medium to high sensitivity loudspeakers.

Using the new KT 120 output valve the MB30SE delivers a good deal more power than triodes such as the 300B and with Icon Audio’s Low Distortion Tertiary transformer on-board the KT120 can deliver a wide bandwidth.

Using high sensitivity loudspeakers the 16 watts produced in triode mode will produce realistic volume levels. However many modern speakers sacrifice efficiency for size and in such cases the MB30SE can be switched to ultralinear mode to deliver 27 watts.  Adjustable input sensitivity adds to the flexibility enabling use with either passive or active preamplifiers.

The front panel mounted bias meter allows easy checking and adjustment of the amplifier to give its best performance and also gives an indication of output power.

Every amplifier is finished and tested by Icon Audio’s team of engineers in Leicester, UK.

Features: Icon Audio MB30SE

  • 100% pure class A operation throughout
  • Valve rectification
  • Custom wound choke regulated power supply
  • Choice of low or no feedback
  • Can be used with a passive preamplifier
  • “Point to Point” hand wired for the best sound quality and reliability
  • PTFE insulated silver plated pure copper wiring
  • Fitted with Jensen™ copper foil in paper and oil audio capacitors
  • Gold plated input and loudspeaker terminals
  • Custom hand wound tertiary output transformer
  • 4 & 8 ohm loudspeaker outputs

UK Price is £1999.95 for a pair of the amplifiers.

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