The guys at iFi contacted us to tell us about their iDSD Dac that goes “Where no DAC has gone idsdbefore”.
Their press release comments “With advanced technology not seen on Digital-Analogue-Converters at any price, iFi is bursting with pride to announce the micro iDSD. With Dual-Core Burr-Brown processors at the heart – it is the world’s first”.

The new True native DSD512(24.6/22.6MHz), PCM 768kHz and 2xDXD(705/352kHz) portable/main system DAC Headamp with 4000mW of power is
iFi’s 1st Crowd-Designed project and say “the micro iDSD represents an “Octa-Leap.”” To celebrate, the first 512 units will be special “Octa-Adopter” units and will be in stores by mid-July.

iFi say the iDSD is a world’s first on three counts:

#1 Native OctaDSD512 + PCM768 world’s first DAC supporting both formats
#2 Turbo/Normal/Eco power modes, perfect-match for IEMs to Headphones
#3 Max Power 8.0V/4,000mW which drives even HiFiMan HE-6

6.3mm headphone output
3D Holographic for Headphones® AND Speakers®
3.5mm analogue line input
Direct/Active pre-amp with analogue volume control
Audio Outputs
Intelligent SPDIF® Input/Output
USB type A “OTG” socket (with iPurifier technology)
Dual-Core Burr Brown True Native chipset: Octa-Speed DSD512/Double-Speed 2xDXD/PCM768 kHz
6 Filters: PCM: Bit-Perfect Processing/Minimum Phase/Standard digital filters selectable
DSD: Extreme/Extended/Standard Range analogue filters selectable
The retail price of the micro iDSD is US$499 (ex-tax) or Euro499/£435 (incl VAT).


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