IFi have released a free update that adds support for MQA to many existing products from their range.

It can be downloaded and installed via PC or Mac and iFi’s latest firmware update, v5.30 ‘Cookies & Cream’, adds MQA playback to the following iFi devices:


iFi stereo 50 music system (launched 2014)

iFi micro iDAC2 (launched 2015)

iFi micro iDSD Black Label (launched 2016)

iFi nano iDSD LE (launched 2016)

iFi nano iOne (launched 2017)

It can also be used with the discontinued iFi nano iDSD (launched 2013) and micro iDSD (launched 2014).

In addition, the new firmware update fully optimises MQA performance with the nano iDSD Black Label mobile DAC/headphone amp, the first iFi product to support MQA from launch its launch in late 2017.The nano iDSD Black Label (pictured) now comes with firmware v5.30 ‘Cookies & Cream’ pre-installed, as will forthcoming iFi devices such as the xDSD (launching this month).







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