In the last couple of months Hifi Pig has seen a surge in readership and an increase in support from the audio industry. To this end we have made the decision to give all our readers the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of Hifi Pig Extra’s content, but without the need to subscribe or pay a fee.great

Yes, that’s correct; Hifi Pig Extra’s content will be free to all our readers to enjoy and download in the great magazine format at the end of each month.

Even better is that all the exclusive content of Hifi Pig Extra will now be uploaded onto the website where everyone will be able to enjoy it for free!

The team has unanimously come to this decision given our much stronger position as we feel it is truer to the original ethos of Hifi Pig.

To the many people who have subscribed already, we are refunding your subscription fee and this should be back in your accounts right now!

The Hifi Pig Team


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