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Started 4 years ago (is that all!!) Mains Cables R Us began because it’s owner David Brook needed a mains extension block for MEhis AV system and the subsequent purchase he received from ebay begged the question “can I do better myself ?”

Fast forward and David’s 30+ years as an audiophile has helped the company to rise from humble beginnings to now being major dealers for many of the world’s most respected hifi accessory brands. The role call of brands supported by MCRU (who re-branded from Mains Cables R Us when David realized cables was only a small part of his main sales range) ranges from small boutique brands up to the major players in the hifi accessory world.

dacIsoTek Systems, Furutech, Clearaudio, WBT, Black Rhodium, Supra, Tellurium Q, Oyaide, SLiC Innovations, MoME2 (1)bile Fidelity, Benz Micro, iFI Audio, Longdog Audio and many more.

Having tinkered with mains cables for decades David’s knowledge and experience in that area and his passion for all things analogue have helped the company succeed in what is essentially still a cottage industry. As well as 2 websites (the 2nd being The Vinyl Adventure which is a new website being launched shortly) 3 ebay stores, amazon shop and blog/facebook/twitter presence)  you cannot beat the personal touch and David spends a lot of his time talking to customers about how to get every last bit of performance from their hifi systems.

evo3-mosaicAs 2015 approaches MCRU have many new and exciting projects in the pipeline, the most exciting being the launch of a new goldMusic First Audio Phono Amplifier for which MCRU will be dealers for. They firmly believe analogue never died and David’s 2 x Technics SL1200’s from his DJ’ing days in the 80’s are still working well having been heavily modified through all the up-grade tips he first discovered on The Art Of Sound forum. To see what we are all about please visit our

athena dctThe final comment we leave to the late great DJ Mr John Robert Parker Ravenscroft better known as John Peel who sadly passed away in 2004, his quote will forever remind us of his legendary status in music circles….Vinyl Is Not Dead, It Just Needs A New Turntable……

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