A new Dutch hifi brand arrived on the market, called Simply Audio whose core business of is producing high quality Audio Cables.Simply_Audio

Simply Audio’s Cadenza series of cables is made of silver and includes loudspeaker cables, two RCA interconnects and a digital cable. Termination is with Audio Note RCA’s or bananas but if clients prefer WBT or Furutech it is also possible this can be accommodated.

As well as manufacturing cables, Simply Audio were keen to tell us about ther other services which include:

A kit building services where Simply Audio builds kits for clients who can’t build these kits by themselves and are especially enthusiastic about the value of the Audio Note kits available.

A vinyl service where the company will help you get the very best from your analogue front end. “There is nothing better then Vinyl”, Dimitri van Hoven, founder and owner of Simply Audio says “but some older turntables benefit greatly by replacing the standard interlink with RCA’s and a decent interconnects” he added. Cartridge alignment is something Simply Audio also offer and they also sell cartridges from a carefully selected group of manufacturers.

Last but not least Simply Audio offers modifications such as capacitor and resistor upgrades to some brands of valve equipment including Audio Innovations.

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