French high end brand, Jadis, have developed a new, compact reference integrated amplifier featuring the KT170 valve.

The Jadis I-70 integrated amplifier is made with a hand made transformer and point to point wiring, it also contains several features from Jadis mono-block technology.

Jadis I-70 Integrated Amplifier

The Jadis I-70 Integrated Amplifier featuring KT170 valves

Jadis I-70 Integrated Amplifier

The Jadis I-70 integrated amplifier has a fully separated power supply for the power stage, so that it does not influence, and is not influenced by, the driver stage.

Output Transformer

The amplifier uses a newly designed power transformer and the Jadis I-70 works in a single push-pull ultra linear with triple load configuration, equipped with two KT170 valves per channel.


Type: Integrated Amplifier With Remote Control

Bias: Automatic

Power: 60 W

Input type: 5 lines, 1 Bypass output, 2 speaker output ( for bi-wiring)

Bandwidth: 10Hz à 36KHz

Sensibility: 150 mV

Number of blocks:  1

Tubes list: 4xKT170, 2xECC83, 3xECC82

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 25.5 cm

Weight: 30 KG

Consumption: 500 VA



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