During the year 2000 the story of Metronome Kalista began, with the first plans of what was to become the first Kalista CD turntable, which came to the market in 2002.

One of the objectives of Kalista was to get as close as possible to the sound of analogue devices. Twenty years later, Metronome Kalista are celebrating analogue by making a vinyl turntable.

DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty

DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty was designed in Metronome’s workshops based in the South-West of France and is hand-manufactured in Europe in Kalista’s partners facilities. Immediately recognisable as a Kalista, with the legendary front part including a touchscreen, the general shape and the classic combination of high-end materials: aluminium, methacrylate and steel. The DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty was teased at last year’s High End Munich.

As often, the technology is not visible: the device stability is assured by three adjustable feet with magnetic fluid suspension, and the platter itself floats on magnets. The separate motor speed is electronically controlled and the tonearm fully adjustable.

Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Kalista, says: “Our company is not a pure specialist of turntables, even if we already made the Gaia model more almost 15 years ago. But we are analogue sound lovers, so one of my dreams was to share this passion with Kalista followers, and it appeared to me the best way to celebrate the 20 years of Kalista’s origins.”


Solid aluminium chassis, acrylate and steel

Brass platter, magnetic suspension

Adjustable tonearm incl. 3 counterweights

Stainless steel feet, adjustable in height

Platter weight 16kg / Total weight 40kg

Dimensions 520 x 175 x 505mm

Available Accessories

Kalista Classic Tripode Stand 70cm


44,700 euros.

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