Metronome Kalista from France has now completed their DreamPlay range with the DreamPlay  DAC. This joins the DreamPlay One Integrated Player, DreamPlay Stream and DreamPlay CD turntable. The DAC is designed and hand-made in Metronome’s workshops in the South-West of France, featuring a solid aluminium chassis, methacrylate transparent parts, and stainless steel feet.

DreamPlay DAC features the unique Kalista double DAC functionality, made possible by two high-end internal D/A converter lines, each of them with two conversion chips in dual mono mode. The two lines deliver different sound profiles, allowing the user to adapt to his music and personal preferences. DreamPlay DAC also features both solid-state and tube outputs. The DAC is priced at 38,000€.

Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Metronome Technologie says: “DreamPlay DAC is the perfect expression of my views on this DreamPlay range. This D/A converter is really unique, powerful enough to deal with all existing high-resolution digital music, and so musical that the most requiring audiophiles will re-discover their music with it !”

Technical Specifications

Digital inputs : S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink, USB

D/A Converter resolution: 32 bit / 384 kHz technology,

Conversion chips = 2 x AK4395 + 2 x AK4493 in Dual Mono

Dynamic range capacity: 117 dB

Internal processing 32 bit / Input frequency range from 32 to 211 kHz

Analog outputs : Unbalanced/RCA and Balanced/XLR

Elektra power supply with 11 independent regulation lines

Weight/dimensions of the converter unit: 15 kg/450x130x460 mm

Weight/dimensions of Elektra: 15 kg/450x105x435 mm




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