Karma-AV returns to the North West Audio show armed with the finest high-end systems from the world’s most acclaimed audio designers including Mark Levinson, JBL, Revel, Primare and Torus, the company’s recent press release tells us.

Aston Room

In the Aston room they’re staging the UK system premiere of the Mark Levinson No 519 player, No 526 preamplifier and No 534 power amplifier, driving JBL 4367, 4429 and the iconic limited edition 4312SE studio monitors.

Offering high resolution wired and wireless streaming, network, disc and digital inputs, the versatile No 519 is designed for optimal digital music playback, having the ability to play virtually any digital audio format. It provides a full complement of wired and wireless digital audio inputs from USB asynchronous streaming and mass storage, Gigabit Ethernet, Balanced, Optical, Coaxial, Wi-Fi, aptX® Bluetooth, and an integrated slot-loading CD player. In addition, the No 519 includes headphone connectivity and integrated digital volume control allowing it to serve as a fully integrated digital music source.

Featuring a high resolution DAC and phono stage, ML’s  No 526 preamplifier offers great a good deal of flexibility.  It’s a 12-input dual-monaural design featuring Pure Path circuit topology, a class-A ‘Pure Phono’ stage, a 32-bit DAC, and a class-A Main Drive Headphone output.

The No 534 Dual-Monaural Amplifier is a high-current, low-feedback two-channel amplifier, which delivers 250W per channel into 8 ohms, operating purely in class A for most listening conditions, doubling to 500W into 4-ohms, with stable operation into 2-ohm loads.

Created to bring professional-grade JBL performance to home audio, the JBL 4367 and 4429 studio monitors rekindle a classic lineage by combining new acoustic systems with the company’s iconic pro-audio design, featuring blue front baffles and exposed mid/high-frequency horns. The JBL 4312SE monitor is an update to the brand’s classic 3-way 12” compact studio monitor lineage.  Created by JBL to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the 4312SE reprises the driver configuration and aesthetics of the  4310/4311 studio, and L100 ‘Century’ hi-fi monitors from the 70s, and the original 4312 from the 1980s.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 will feature the reference Primare 60 Series pre-power system driving the Revel Performa 3 F206 loudspeakers. Primare’s PRE60 preamplifier and A60 power amplifier combine the brand’s traditional build quality and analogue circuit design with state-of-the-art audio streaming performance, wrapped in two-tone bodywork.  The Primare App for iOS or Android is available to control PRE60 functionality including input selection, volume and the browsing and selection of online and stored media. The matching A60 is a reference audiophile, fully balanced 2 x 250W UFPD stereo power amplifier designed to provide high power output with very low distortion through four discrete amplifiers (two per channel) in a fully balanced configuration.

The Revel F206 3-way floor-standing tower is an optimised system of proprietary drivers, cabinet and crossover, refined and tested over two years to meet the most rigorous performance criteria and production consistency.  The F206 is  finished in a choice of high-gloss real wood and automotive-grade painted finishes and features a 1-inch pure-aluminium-dome tweeter, 5.25-inch aluminium midrange, dual 6.5-inch aluminium woofers.

The systems will be using Straight Wire cables and will be fed with mains power conditioned by Torus Power’s toroidal isolation transformers.   

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