Karma-AV is back at the Hifi Show Live with three exhibition rooms, hosting new product arrivals.

The Griffith room hosts the world premiere of Primare’s new PRE35/A35.2 pre-power amp team, featuring fully modular architecture and Primare’s Prisma connectivity platform, lately enhanced by Roon and Chromecast built-in.

The Primare ensemble will be driving a further UK show exclusive: Falcon’s flagship GC6500R Reference speaker. The new three-way design incorporates a number of proprietary technical advances including the breakthrough Falcon Sonaweave™ Graphene Enhanced Nano-Platelet Cone deployed in the bass driver design. The use of Graphene allows the diaphragm to be 60% lighter and thinner than those of conventional drivers.

The Primare Prisma range makes a return at the Buckingham 3 venue, supported by Falcon Acoustics speakers. The Falcon line-up features Falcon’s authentic LS3/5A mini-monitors, hand-built exclusively to the original 1976 BBC spec, and its new Reference Audio Monitor (RAM) range (pictured).

Buckingham 4 is the stage for a partnership of the Emotiva and GoldenEar brands The Emotiva XSP-1 and XPA-DR2 will fill the space through the Goldenear’s Triton 5 Tower speakers. Karma’s other Buck 4 demos include pairings of Emotiva’s entry-level TA100 or PT100 and A300 pre/power ensembles, and Primare’s EISA Award-winning I15 amplifier, partnered by SVS and Falcon speakers.

The Hi-Fi Show Live 2018 is being held at the Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, Berkshire, November 10th -11th.


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