KBL Sound from Poland got in touch to tell us all about their new flagship Signature series, Himalaya, which they say is the culmination of their long-term efforts to create such cables allowing the highest standard of audio equipment to reveal their full potential.

“We have used costly and time-consuming solutions, as no other way exists to get exceptional results. Mass production has one undeniable drawback: it can not create the best possible. Making cables by hand has its own specific advantages, which mainly deal with aspects of the mechanical design, related to the damping of vibrations and stresses. With industrial mass production these aspects cannot be treated uncompromisingly. Handcrafting cables in the Himalaya series, where the spatial topology of conductors plays a key role, is quite backbreaking and laborious, but it’s finally possible – as conquering the most difficult mountain peaks. However, we hope that these products will provide for music lovers the opportunity to experience the breathless delight, compared to the thrill on the highest mountain; our special, limited edition bears such a name. We believe that The Signature Series, Himalaya, now joins the world’s premier league” commented  Robert Szczerbowski of KBL Sound.

Himalaya Interconnects

  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC silver
  • Shielding: multi-shield
  • Termination RCA: WBT 0152 Ag nextgen Signature, WBT 0152 Cu nextgen Topline
  • Termination XLR: Oyaide Focus
  • Available as 75 Ohm SPDiF /RCA (WBT) and 110 Ohm AES/EBU (Oyaide) digital cables
  • Avaiable as phono cables with RCA to RCA (WBT) or RCA to 5 DIN (Cardas) connector to wire up any tonearm
  • Standard length available: 1 m, 1.5m, 2m

Himalaya digital cables are offered in two versions: 75 ohm RCA and AES / EBU XLR 110 Ohm. Their construction is quite similar to the interconnects in this series. The conductor is pure silver monocrystalline obtained through OCC technology.Cables have a spatial topology and special damping system and quadrupleshielding. 

  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCCsilver
  • Shielding: multi-shield
  • Enhanced anti-vibration system
  • TerminationRCA: 75 Ohm version WBT-0152 Ag nextge n Signature or Cu Topline plugs
  • TerminationXLR: AES / EBU 110 Ohm version Oyaide Focus plugs
  • Standard length available: 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 mHimalaya-digital

Himalaya speaker cables have been designed completely from scratch.

  • Conductors: highest purity multistranded mono crystal OCC copper
  • Tuned vibrations damping system
  • Antivibration ring of selected wood
  • Termination: spades WBT 0661 Ag nextgen WBT 0661 Signature and nextgen Topline
  • Other optional connectors available upon request
  • Standard length available: 2×2 meters, 2×2.5 m, 2×3 Glosnikowe-Himalaya

Himalaya power cable

  • Conductors: high purity multi-stranded mono crystalcopper, anti-oxidation protected
  • The multi-layer insulation system, vibration damping for the whole cable and the individual wires
  • Antivibration ring of selected wood
  • Termination: highest qualityplugs AC schuko and IEC company’s custom-made of brass with rhodium over copper plating on all conductive parts, massive brass body with carbon fiber film for better damping and RFI rejection
  • 20A IEC connector option for high current devices
  • Standard length: 1.5 m, 2mHimalaya-power-white

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