The Zodiac line from KBL Sound is a direct replacement for the company’s previous Hologram range. The company says they are better cables, coming to the market at a similar price level.

These cables are manufactured with ultra-pure copper wire with each single crystal length reaching a few hundred meters (the result of the Ohno Continuous Casting process). Then, the copper is cryogenically treated to obtain a better molecular order within each wire.Zodiac-IC-snake

“These advanced conductors achieve such a high level of homogeneity that signal flow is practically lossless. It is characterized by a smooth and detailed transmission signal in a wide frequency spectrum” says the company’s recent press release.

Zodiac interconnects are well shielded against EM and RF interferences using pure copper screen with a  special multi-layered jacket protects the cables from external vibrations.

Standard termination comes with WBT-0114 Cu nextgen connectors.
Balanced option is available with XLR Neutrik connectors.

Zodiac signal cables are also available as 75 Ohm SPDiF /RCA (WBT) and 110 Ohm AES/EBU (Neutrik) digital cables. They are offered as phono cables too, coming with RCA to RCA (WBT) or RCA (WBT) to 5 DIN connector (Cardas) to wire up any tonearm.

Standard length: 1.5m, 2m. Other length available upon request.

After the assembly process cables are tested and professionally conditioned. Thus they are already burned-in for immediate use without waiting many weeks or even months for the ultimate level of performance. After a short time in a new audio system they sound the best they can and their performance does not change.


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