KEF has created a new take on subwoofer and speaker designs with their Uni-Core technology.

The patent-pending Uni-Core technology delivers ultra-compact size and performance, creating a powerful but discreet subwoofer or speaker.

KEF Dual Force-Cancelling Drivers

Following on from their announcement about their Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT), the new Uni-Core technology, developed by KEF, enables performance whilst reducing the subwoofer or speaker cabinet volume significantly. With the aim of “desirable aesthetics and uncompromising performance” the first challenge was how to fit two drivers into a compact cube enclosure.

KEF Uni-Core

“To deliver deep and loud bass from a compact product is a big engineering challenge. The Uni-core is a breakthrough technology for KEF because it allows us to pack two drivers into a tighter space without compromising their performance.” – Dr Jack Oclee-Brown, Head of Research & Development at KEF.

Dual Force-Cancelling Drivers

With the new Uni-Core topology, dual force-cancelling drivers provide bass performance from less space by means of concentrically arranged, overlapping voice coils. Furthermore, Uni-Core allows a single motor to energise both cones. The coils are different sizes on each cone, which means when the cones move backwards the coils can occupy the same space within the cabinet. Overall it means that the physical cabinet can be extremely compact and significantly reduced in volume compared to using conventional driver technology.

The space saved allows the drivers to have far more excursion than an equivalent-sized force-cancelling design, unlocking more output and depth from much less space.

The new Uni-Core technology will be applied in an upcoming new KEF product to be announced this month

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