KEF has today launched the Q50a Dolby Atmos-enabled surround speaker, designed to enhance the new Q Series loudspeakers by making any KEF Q Series surround configuration compatible with the surround sound format, Dolby Atmos.

Designed to work with the KEF Q Series range as well as other AV speaker systems, the Q50a is a Dolby Atmos-enabled, upward-firing speaker designed to be placed on top of front and rear satellite speakers, to deliver the  ‘height’ sound information provided by any Dolby Atmos-compatible amplifier.

KEF say: ‘The Q50a’s sound performance has been expertly tuned by KEF acoustic engineers to bring an extraordinarily immersive, cinematic verticality of Dolby Atmos sound into your home without mounting overhead speakers, using precision ceiling reflection. Q50a can also be easily mounted on the wall using dedicated keyhole fixings, creating a high-fidelity home surround sound experience. The use of a Damped Tweeter Loading Tube – a rubber, chisel shaped damper – keeps high frequencies sounding detailed and natural. At the heart of Q50a is the latest Q-Series Uni-Q driver array. It features a lighter cone return, improved spider suspension, and a new generation of cone neck decoupler, to create excellent dynamics with a supremely accurate, fast, and clean sonic response.  Designed as a vital part of the Q Series family, Q50a’s visual design shares consistent elements with other Q Series speakers’.

Available now in satin black and stain white finishes

Price: £450 per pair (SRP)



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