Keith Monks Audio is celebrating the record UK sales of vinyl with the launch of two new Record Cleaning machines – the new discOvery Redux and the new discOvery microLight.

The new revised microLight (Pictured below) is the smallest ever Keith Monks RCM and is the smallest precision record cleaning machine ever. The new microlight Redux is a modern version of the traditional ‘Keith Monks’ which is smaller, lighter, quieter and it includes an auto stop function.

Keith Monks told us that their machines bring “the original record cleaning technique developed with the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive in a modern, easier and more affordable package. Clean fluid for each record and a single point vacuum system for maximum efficiency where contact is via a clean thread ensuring no cross contamination”.

Both new models can clean both sides of an LP in around 3 minutes and are supplied with Keith Monks discOvery precision 12” LP wash brush and Pyr/\Mat stay-clean mat. They also use a SuperSilent, super reliable Medical grade suction pump imported from Germany. The discOvery Redux has a new compact low profile cabinet with a premium carbon finish and has everything built in: hand pump applies fluid straight onto the record through the brush holder, just like on the pro Monks machines. The Keith Monks micrOlight is super compact, Keith Monks say it is the world’s smallest ever precision Record Cleaning Machine – just 16.5” (42cm) wide.

Prices and availability

Keith Monks discOvery Redux — Retail GBP 1995, Euro 2395, US$ 2995 — Available July 2017

Keith Monks micrOlight — Retail GBP 1795, Eur 2095, US$ 2495 — Available July 2017





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