Jonathan Monks, the son of the founder of the brand, Keith Monks, has confirmed that the company’s new Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine is now available for sale. The Prodigy has successfully completed five months of beta testing and fine-tuning of production.

Prodigy brings many classic Keith Monks features in a sustainable bamboo sculptured chassis with a very significantly smaller footprint and a lower price of £795, €895, $995. They say that the new Prodigy is easy to use, easy to store and most importantly is quiet to use.

The new Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaner

Silence Is Golden

The Prodigy is Keith Monks most silent machine yet, but the brand says all KM RCMs are quiet enough to play a record and enjoy it while cleaning another.

Until you have experienced cleaning a pile of records, you will not realise how much difference this makes to the experience. Record cleaning with a noisy machine is hard work and tedious; record cleaning while playing and enjoying records is fun and rewarding.

Prodigy brings the world’s first Threadless point suction cleaner to market. Previous Keith Monks machines have used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record. The new system is simpler, easier and more effective.

Keith Monks claim it is their most silent machine yet

Lighting System       

Prodigy is fitted with a multi-colour lighting system to enhance its in-home appeal further and add another element of fun to the cleaning process.

The Keith Monks method is a liquid on and liquid off solution to avoid recontamination from previously used fluids. They that you can clean both sides of a vinyl LP in roughly five minutes.

Prodigy can also clean CDs, Blu-Ray Discs, and even computer CDs and Laserdiscs.

Keith Monks cleaning accessories


Jonathan and his father both agreed on two key issues of record cleaning: Firstly, the record must be cleaned efficiently without over stripping the vinyl of its natural plasticisers and secondly the experience must be pleasurable. Jon’s new design has stayed faithful to these original vital concepts while adding and enhancing a few of his own.

Keith Monks say that cleaning is a simple process of applying discovery fluid and cleaning using the supplied microfibre washing wand – the Eco|Roller. The cleaning fluid is fresh (not reused as most other record cleaning machines) for each record, and the contact with the record during the precision vacuuming process is minimal as the nozzle rides on a wave of cleaning fluid. We will be checking this out when we review the machine soon.

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