Henley Audio say are delighted to announce the UK debut of Klipsch’s new Reference™ Series speakers.  With a range made up of 13 models – including Dolby Atmos®-enabled components, subwoofers and active monitor speakers – the new, sixth generation, Reference Series (also called Reference Base in different territories) boasts cosmetic and material upgrades over the previous range. 

Designed at Klipsch’s HQ in Indianapolis, new Reference Series speakers feature the company’s proprietary horn-loaded technology and spun-copper IMG woofers.

Product manager for Klipsch, Kerry Geist, says of the new range: “The new Reference series speakers combine modern materials and technology to create an unforgettable, unrivalled music and movie listening experience at these price points.”

The Reference Series speakers benefit from larger, proprietary Tractrix® horns for high frequencies. Behind the horn, the new linear travel suspension aluminium tweeter uses Kapton®, an extremely light and rigid material, in the suspension to achieve high efficiency and improved resolution and detail.

For the low-end frequencies, Klipsch have employed proprietary spun-copper Injection Moulded Graphite (IMG) woofer cones. To keep the performance tight, the floorstanders in the range also benefit from rear-firing Tractrix ports.

All Reference Series speakers have several cosmetic upgrades over their predecessors, including angled feet on the floorstanders, full-length low-profile magnetic grilles, and a scratch-resistant black wood grain vinyl finish.

Powered Monitors

The Klipsch Reference R-51PM and R-41PM powered monitors eliminate the need for an external amp and are designed to connect to a turntable, television, computer or wireless device. The powered monitors are equipped with an integrated phono pre-amp, Bluetooth® wireless technology, digital optical, analogue RCA and USB inputs. A new feature, and a first for Klipsch powered monitors, is Dynamic Bass EQ.


The Klipsch Reference R-100SW and R-120SW subwoofers cosmetically match the new Reference Series speakers. The new models boast powerful Class D amplifiers, rear ports, IMG spun-copper woofers and sturdy enclosures.

Dolby Atmos® Models

The new Reference Series boasts two Dolby Atmos-ready models. The R-625FA is a floor-standing loudspeaker with integrated Dolby Atmos upward-firing speaker, while the R-41SA is an add-on upward firing module that sits comfortably on any other existing speaker.

Available for sale in the UK now with prices from £220 to £1150.

Available in Black finish only.


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