KODA, the Polish producer of loudspeakers and audio equipment, has introduced four new speakers in its: floorstanding AK-48F, center AK-48C and surround AK-48S and the KODA EX-569F which draws inspiration from the EX line, their range that was popular in the early 90’s.

All models are sold separately which gives an option to build a stereo system and expand it to multi-channel at any time.


Construction Details and Features
> Rigid enclosures made of high-density MDF boards: 18mm for the front baffle and 12mm for the other walls;
> Vinyl coating with wood-like texture;
> Center and surround speakers equipped with wall mounts.

KODA AK-48F only

> Pure titanium tweeter is able to reach up to 30kHz
> Utilises a low-turbulence bassreflex port on the front to allow placing the speakers nearer to the back wall;
> Two 8” woofers;
> Equipped with adjustable spikes to provide isolate the speakers from the floor
> Provides bi-wiring / bi-amping connectivity



Design: 3-way, floorstanding,
front bassreflex,
Adjustable spikes

Cabinet walls: 12mm,

front : 18mm

2-way,Center, rear bassreflex,
Wall Mounts
Cabinet walls: 12mm, front : 18mm
2-way, Satellite,

rear bassreflex,
Wall Mount

Cabinet walls: 12mm, front : 18mm

High Frequency Driver  25mm (1”) titanium dome  25mm (1”) PE  25mm (1”) PE
Mid Frequency Driver 127mm (5”)
Fiber glass
Phase plug
80mm magnet
25mm voice coil
Mid-Low Frequency Driver 2 x 127mm (5″)
Modified cellulose
 1 x 127mm (5″)
Modified cellulose

Low Frequency Driver:
2 x 203mm (8”)
Modified cellulose
100mm magnet
25mm voice coil
Recommended Amplifier Power  20-120W 10-70W 10-70W
Frequency Response  45Hz-30KHz 70Hz-20KHz 70Hz-20KHz
Impedance  4ohm 4ohm 4ohm
Sensitivity  89dB 86dB 84dB
Dimensions (H x W x D)  96.5 x 25 x 30.5 cm

(without spikes)

18 x 52 x 25.9 cm 30.5 x 18 x 24.4 cm
Weight (net)  29.7 kg pair  5.9 kg piece  7.3 kg pair
Finishes Black, Dark Walnut Black, Dark Walnut Black, Dark Walnut


Construction Details and Features
> Rigid enclosure made of high-density 15mm MDF boards;
>Vinyl coating with wood-like texture and the matt black painted front baffle;
> High power, silk dome tweeter utilising upgraded diaphragm material
> Two 6.5” Mid-Low frequency drivers – Kevlar cone and Kapton voice coil with 5N (99.999%) Oxygen Free Copper


Design 2-way, floorstanding
Rear bassreflex
Adjustable spikes
Cabinet walls: 15mm
High Frequency Driver 25mm (1”) Silk dome
Mid-Low Frequency Driver 2 x 165mm (6.5″) Kevlar
Recommended Amplifier Power  20-120W
Frequency Response  42Hz-20KHz
Impedance  4ohm
Sensitivity  89dB
Dimensions (H x W x D)  96 x 19.5 x 26 cm
Weight (net)  25.1  kg pair
Finishes Black, Dark Walnut





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