Spanish brand, Kroma Audio, has introduced a new finish available for its two models of speakers. This finish is entirely handmade by a Master Gilder, specialised in restoring the Easter procession floats, with authentic 24k gold leaf. Kroma say “This turns our speakers into true works of art with a unique aesthetic that accompanies the inimitable sound of Kroma Audio”.

Kroma go on to say: “We created Kroma Audio as we felt the need to combine the highest level of High Fidelity with the naturalism and realism shown in a live interpretation”.

The Hifi market is saturated with absolute reference loudspeakers, which show resonances that lead to artificial sound colorations, discordances, discrepancies, and imperfections in the restitution of the natural timbres of each instrument. For these reasons, we came to the conclusion that another sound is possible… the sound of Kroma Audio”.

Some of the main features of the Kroma Audio speakers are:

  • Cabinets made entirely in Krion, a non-conductive and non magnetic material that stands out for its high mass and the absence of resonances.
  • The absence of metallic elements in the manufacturing of the cabinet. Not one metal screw is used: neither in the chassis, nor in the filter, not even in the fastening of the drivers.
  • Selected filter components chosen for their top sound quality, such as brand name Duelund and Mundorf, combined with very special NOS components.
  • Use of elements made with different types of wood, used to make musical instruments, handmade and located in critical places.

The new gilded finish is available on Kroma Audio’s Julieta and Carmen loudspeakers now.


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