On their 2015 debut, Pilot, LAGS made their case for being a band capable of both the anthemic and the feral. Tracks such as “War Was Over” were driven by the raw emotion of punk, put to a more ambitious sound of cacophonous guitars and drums. Whereas the first single from Soon, “Knives And Wounds”, is full of confrontation and aggression, there’s no doubt that “Echoes” is aiming for a slightly grander aesthetic.

Cleaner and more measured than on previous releases, Antonio Canestri’s vocals are set against a brooding loud/quiet dynamic, elevating the cries of “echoes” to crushing effect. There are clear parallels with the dark post-punk of contemporaries such as Protomartyr, though LAGS also share their encompassing soundscape with the likes of current favourites Spielbergs. Having played over 80 shows throughout Italy since releasing their debut, LAGS have certainly kept themselves busy over the last few years, successfully adding a more refined and encompassing side to their music in the process.

“I wrote the lyrics of this song in a very particular moment of my life”, Canestri says of the track. “Because of some odd connection of coincidences, nothing seemed to stay on course. And nothing did, actually. My feelings flowed into a song about hypochondria, anxiety, fear of failure and the unpredictability of my near future. Most of all, “Echoes” embodies that strange and awful ‘deer in the headlights’ instinct that makes you want to stand still in front of all that everyday life commitments that want you to take some action anyway”.

“Echoes” is out now and Soon is due for release 29 March via Casu Marzu Records.

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