Lampizator of Poland has announced the Baltic-3 DAC.

Lukasz Fikus, the man behind band says: “Never before have we spent so much time on research, development and testing, trying to maximize the sound quality for the given price point. This is the DAC I am most proud of – In short – phenomenal”.

Lampizator Baltic–3 DAC

Lampizator Baltic–3 DAC

Lampizator says that the Baltic-3 Balanced Tube DAC, launched to celebrate their 10th anniversary, combines everything that they know about DAC design with unbeatable value. Their goal was to get as close as they could to the Golden Gate sound, but at roughly 1/3 budget.

Their goal was to get as close as they could to the Golden Gate sound, but at roughly 1/3 budget.

The resulting DAC positions itself with technology and sound between the Amber3 and the Golden Gate 2. They say that this DAC is a big leap in sound quality over the Baltic 1.



Every Baltic-3 DAC unit is Single Ended and Balanced at the same time, no need to configure the unit as balanced, it has a truly balanced topology with four monophonic channels, one per each phase of stereo sound.

The Lampizator Baltic-3 DAC is Single Ended and Balanced at the same time

It features Lampizator’s Engine #53, their best selling engine which will handle DSD512. True Copper output capacitors are used and there is no volume control, not even as an option.

There are four digital inputs: USB, SPDIF, TOSLINK and AES/EBU as standard. The CLC filtered anode power supply is fully tubed, directly heated dual diode rectified.

Lampizator Baltic-3 DAC rear view


PCM 384 kHz, DSD x512, fully balanced from input to output

Output impedance 200 ohm per phase

Output level: 2 Vpp (low gain) or 6 Vpp (hi gain) @0dB

Operating systems: USB input is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC (the only limitation is that MAC plays max DSDx256)

Tube Compliment: 2 pieces of 5963 JAN (or ECC802), 2 pieces of 6N8PA, (or CV181-T or 6H8C or 6SN7GT) one rectifier DHD : 5U4G or 274B or 5C3S or 5Y3 or GZ37 or 5R4WGB.

Case colour options

Front panel colours: charcoal, silver, champagne, white, red.

Top chassis colours: charcoal, silver, white, red, at extra cost: real copper.

Front button colours: Blue, Orange/Amber, White, Red, Green

Extra cost: custom-fit flight case, Copper top, premium tubes.

Warranty 5 years.

A variety of valves/tubes can be used


MSRP price 4900 Euro plus VAT

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