The latest news on what your favourite Hifi brands are bringing to the Bristol Hifi Show 2019 and where they will be at the show.

Introducing The Cowon PD2 At The Bristol Hifi Show 2019

This year, Cowon release the anticipated second iteration of their DAP, the Cowon Plenue D2.

The Plenue D2 features a 2.5mm balanced output, dual DACs, DSD support and Cowon’s JetEffect EQ software, Bristol Show attendees will get an exclusive first look at this exciting new DAP through Advanced MP3 Players in Room 310.

The New Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker At The Bristol Show

Back in September we brought you the news about Harbeth’s last 40th Anniversary speaker model, the 7ES-3.

Following on from its preview event hosted by KJ West One, The Bristol Hifi Show will be the first show to present their new loudspeaker to the wider public. Harbeth will be on the 2nd Floor rooms 232 and 234.

SCV Highlights At The Bristol Hifi Show 2019

UK distributor SCV’s 2019 presence at The Bristol Hifi Show will be based around three main areas:

Their mezzanine location will be dedicated to Focal’s range of high-end headphones. Along with existing legends such as the Elear, Clear and the flagship Utopia open-back reference headphones, this year also sees the Bristol debut of Focal’s first high-end closed-back headphone: Elegia. An array of high-end source hardware will be on hand to power the Focal headphone range from brands such as Benchmark Media Systems and Questyle Audio.

Meanwhile in Room 326, IsoAcoustics Global Sales & Distribution Director Paul Morrison will be presenting the GAIA isolators, designed for floor-standing Hifi speakers. To illustrate the difference true GAIA can make to your listening system, two sets of identical Focal loudspeakers will be set up for comparison, one pair with GAIA installed and one pair without.

The IsoAcoustics demo system will be powered by Micromega hardware, a new addition to the SCV family of brands. As well as the M-One integrated stereo amplifier, Micromega’s full range of ‘My’ products, including the MyAmp, MySpeaker, MyDac, MyGroov and MyZic will also be on display.

Finally, Foyer 1b will feature the full range of Meze headphones, including the popular 99 Classics and Meze’s flagship Empyrean isodynamic reference headphone. Each listening station will be powered by the Novafidelity line of streaming products including the X14 and X35 all-in-one amplified multimedia systems, along with the X45 stand-alone streamer. Visitors will also be offered a sneak preview at Novafidelity’s newly announced HA500H headphone amplifier and DAC featuring hybrid tube/solid-state technology.

Bowers & Wilkins Presents The New 600 Series At Bristol

Last summer we brought you the news about the new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series range of loudspeakers.

The range incorporates higher-end technologies first used in the Bowers & Wilkins’ flagship 800 Series Diamond range. The new 600 Series is the most affordable range to incorporate the Continuum Cone midrange driver, developed and exclusively manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins.

Hear the Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series in the Wallace Suite, Lower Ground Floor.

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