Well-known rock star and platinum-selling artist, Fish, is endorsing the Parasound Halo integrated amplifier… expect to see a review of the Halo on Hifi pig soon).

Derek Dick, otherwise known as Fish, is a successful solo artist and the former Marillion frontman and lyricist who fronted the band from 1981 to 1988, during the period of the iconic Misplaced Childhood album. Since that time, he has gone on to explore contemporary pop, traditional folk and rock music, releasing over 12 albums and touring the world to a loyal international fan base.

Fish has chosen Parasound’s Halo Integrated amplifier for the main audio system in his home and studio located close to Edinburgh. The integration of Parasound amplification will enable Fish and his band members to record the upcoming album, “Weltschmerz”, in their dedicated studio facility.The Parasound Halo Integrated has been designed to bring the audio benefits of the  Halo range, as used in many recording studios in the world, to a one box solution, wits high-resolution ESS Sabre32 Reference DSD capable DAC; MM/MC phono stage; balanced XLRs; analogue bass management; and 160-watts per channel of John Curl designed amplifier topology.

Fish, says, “I have been listening extensively to the Parasound Halo amplifier ever since it was installed and am blown away by its combination of accuracy and musicality. The first night with it involved a few glasses and playing albums into the small hours – time ran away with me as the sound was so absorbing.” He continues, “I am under no illusion that it is going to contribute hugely to the creation of my next studio album and can’t wait to hear the results as we start the recording process. In the meantime, my extensive music collection is going to get some serious and very enjoyable listening!”

Mike Bonnette, technical director of Connected Distribution, Parasound’s UK distributor, comments, “To have an artist of Fish’s standing choose to equip his home with the Halo amplifier is a testament to the dedication shown by Richard Schram, and his team at Parasound, to produce amplifiers that allow artists to capture their music without compromise and music lovers to enjoy it sounding as good as it possibly can.” He continues, “We are delighted that Fish has agreed to act as an endorsee for this superb amplifier and look forward very much to hearing the next album, which will be the first to have been monitored using the Halo.”



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