As a French player in high fidelity for more than 35 years, Triangle has introduced a new collection of cables, which they say is “dedicated to optimising the performance of the loudspeakers, while guaranteeing the emblematic Triangle sound characteristics of extraordinary openness and dynamics. All LeCable products provide an excellent conductivity, ensuring a perfect and balanced transmission”.

The Opera range offers cross-section cables of 2.5mm² ensuring a true musical experience, accessible to all. The tinned OFC (Oxygen free copper, coated treated with tin) treatment and the coiling braiding of the cable allow a high purity (99.99%). Cables with “tinned” treatment offer better longevity by greatly limiting the corrosion or oxidation that normally occurs over time. Available in drums of 5, 10 and 100m, as well as in mounted cables of 2×2.5m.

Jewel of the Symphonie range, the conductors of the SYS25A cable are made of OFHC strands of very high purity (Oxygen free copper, 99.999%) benefiting from a special treatment.
In order to eliminate any distortion and electromagnetic disturbance, the conductors benefit from a double insulating jacket made of polyvinyl chloride separated from an antistatic sheet. It is completed with an outer sheath of fabric for better protection. Factory mounted, the banana plugs have a special treatment (silver plating) that minimises distortion. Anodised aluminium caps ensure signal protection. Available in a mounted cable of 2×2.5m in a cross-section of 2.5mm².

The range also includes easy to assemble (double locking with cable screws) BP400 banana plugs. The plugs have a special treatment (silver plating) that minimises distortion. Anodised aluminium caps ensure excellent signal protection. These new BP400 accept cross-section cables of up to 3.8mm² and are available in bundles of 4 plugs.


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