Leema Acoustics will reveal its new Stream IV streaming CD player at the Bristol Hifi Show as it makes its production debut at the weekend event.

First seen in pre-production guise at the 2018 show, the fully updated production version of Leema’s CD player, now in its fourth incarnation, will be complemented by its range stablemates from the company’s Stellar line, including the Quasar streaming amp/DAC and the Pulse IV integrated amplifier/DAC.

Leema Stream IV

The Stream IV is a next-generation CD player and high-resolution streamer in one. The Stream IV is capable of replaying legacy CD collections, accessing digital audio files from USB flash drives and streaming from a wide range of sources including NAS drives, networked DLNA devices and streaming services; Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer and vTuner internet radio are supported.

Key updates to the new Stream IV include the addition of a high-resolution 24/192 Stream Unlimited streaming module and an ESS Sabre DAC. Hand-made in the Welsh factory, the new Stream IV streaming CD player forms one half of the Stream and Pulse (amp) combination which has been part of the manufacturer’s range for the past two decades.

Leema Pulse IV And Quasar Amp/DAC

Also at The Bristol Hifi Show 2019 from Leema the Pulse IV integrated amplifier and the Quasar streaming amp/DAC. The Pulse IV DAC/amplifier is available now priced at £2,295. The Quasar streaming amp/DAC is available now priced at £2,995, and the Stream IV streaming CD player is available to order now priced at £2,295.

Find Leema Acoustics at Bristol on the 4th Floor, Room 412.  The show is on the 22nd – 24th February 2019, 10:00am – 5:00pm, at the Bristol Marriott City Centre Hotel.

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