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Developed with Innuos, Leema’s Sirius streamer/server has now upgraded to the new InnuOS 2.0 operating system.

Leema Acoustics’ audiophile-grade streaming music server Sirius, which has been developed in conjunction with Innuos, is set to benefit from a major upgrade following the release of Innuos’ InnuOS 2.0 operating system.

Leema Sirius InnuOS 2.0 Upgrade

The jointly developed Leema Sirus


The new InnuOS 2.0 software brings a completely new operating system and desktop interface to the Sirius, plus for the first time, full dedicated app control using the all-new Innuos Sense app for iOS and Android devices.

Leema Sirius InnuOS 2.0 Upgrade

The new Innuos InnuOS 2.0 operating system

Innuos Sense offers comprehensive control over selecting and playing music from the Sirius and various music streaming services, along with a number of important control features including editing metadata.*

Read more about the Leema Sirus here


The Leema Sirius is available now from £4,200 (for 2 TB)

Existing owners can get the Leema Sirius InnuOS 2.0 upgrade on internet-connected devices immediately via the Sirius web portal at Innuos.

HiFi Pig Says: The Leema Sirus which was created with Innuos, showed how well two brands can create a product together, we are looking forward to seeing what it can do with the new 2021 system upgrade.

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