Legacy Audio, based in Springfield USA, premiered their Aeris Legacy_aeris loudspeaker to the European market at the Munich High End show 2013.

It’s a bold yet elegant looking loudspeaker and is packed with tech’. While touting 24-bit DSP and 1kwatts of internal bass power, the upper portion of Aeris is open-air dipole which the company says offers “fast decay of midbass frequencies and airy spacious highs”.

The 6 driver, 4.5 way system is the first to use the Legacy Dual Air Motion neodymium tweeter and a dipolar titanium encrusted 8” midrange with an enormous motor structure imported from Italy. The midbass is delivered by an open air 10” driver, while dual 12” subwoofers provide a linear volume displacement of nearly 200 cubic inches. The bass section is internally powered by dual 500Watt ICEpower® modules.

Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, describes the development of the new Aeris loudspeaker: “ My initiative of providing a 4” AMT that could transition to the smoothest and most dynamic 8” midrange driver available was met with the challenge of accordion-folding 16 square inches of Kapton into the 4” long, 1” wide chamber. Neodymium was employed to provide the flux density required. The results were more uniform dispersion and tremendous attack. Treble now had natural weight and shimmer without tizz. The 10” dipolar driver completes the transition to the foundation provided by the dual 12” subs.”

Hifi Pig had a good listen to the Aeris at the Munich Highend show and you’ll be able to read what we thought very soon.


Frequency Range:  16-30 kHz, Sensitivity: 95 dB (@2.83 volts/1m) Upper cabinet dimensions (HxWxD): 147 cm x 37 cm x 41 cm

Base dimensions (HxWxD): 8 cm x 48 cm x 46 cm

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