German supermarket and cut-price retailer Lidl has joined the competitive online streaming marketplace with their new hi-resolution service they are calling Tidl.

Tidl aims to bring high quality music streaming to the mass market by offering super-competitive monthly plans that the company believe will entice music lovers away from the current streaming providers.  TIDL

Tidl is launching today, with a monthly price of just £1.50 for its Premium service, with an intense online, television, radio and press advertising campaign featuring David Hasselhoff of Bay Watch fame being the “face” of the brand. The promotion will rely heavily on the stars hit single “Jump In My Car” and is said to have a few surprises and other guest appearances in store.

Gunther Bauch Lachen, President Of Vice at Tidl told Hifi Pig “ We are exceptionally proud to announce our new premium streaming service and we are convinced that consumers will sign up in their droves, just as they have embraced our sister company’s retail model. We are also especially thrilled to have “The Hoff” at our side to help promote the service.
He continued “We are of a strong opinion that our policy of playing only oompah band music and the wonderful music of David Hasselhoff will prove exceptionally popular with our friends across the globe and that within only a short few months we will become market leaders”


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