Linn has announced support for Roon across its entire family of Linn DS players, available to owners of every model since the launch of the first Klimax DS in 2007.

Those with a Roon subscription can now select a Linn DS player from within the Roon control app on their Android or iOS device and listen through their Linn system. Using a custom implementation, Roon compatibility is now built into Linn DS players, providing owners with the convenience of accessing all their music, whether files or streams, through Roon’s interface.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Managing Director, said: ‘Linn’s open approach to software development has led to the creation of a diversity of control apps, allowing our customers to find the solution that works best for them. Roon’s offering of an intuitive music management and rich browsing experience led us to collaborate on this new implementation and we are delighted to introduce Roon as a new and exciting way for our customers to interact with their Linn system.’

Enno Vandermeer, Roon CEO said: “Linn pioneered high-performance network streaming, and for years the audiophile community has wanted to use Linn products with Roon. We’re very pleased that as of version 1.5, Roon can now stream high-resolution audio to all Linn network players.”



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