Linn, the creator of the iconic Sondek LP12 turntable, has launched its first bearing upgrade in 27 years, the precision-engineered Karousel.

Central to the stability of the LP12 turntable, Linn considers the bearing to be a fundamental upgrade an LP12 owner can make to their turntable. Founder Ivor Tiefenbrun’s unique single-point bearing, combined with the acoustic isolation of the turntable design, were the foundations on which Linn was established in 1973. The design even inspired the Linn company logo.

Linn Karousel

A testament to its design, the basic principles of the bearing have remained and Karousel is only the third evolution of this design in almost 50 years. This innovative take on the design for 2020 has been made possible through technological advances in material science and machining capabilities, as well as mechanical engineering expertise gained from almost half a century of designing and manufacturing.

Linn told us: “Karousel offers a more refined motion and greater stability allowing an even better sound with a longer lasting design. This latest performance upgrade raises the bar for vinyl reproduction yet again and presents the opportunity for every LP12 owner to elevate the performance of their LP12”.

Innovations in design combined with new material selection in critical parts of the bearing result in smoother rotation for better sound. The spindle is better supported thanks to improved tolerances of the bearing liners and the Diamond-Like Carbon coating on the thrust pad provides reduced friction, together improving the ‘noise floor’ of the turntable and in turn, musical reproduction.

Greater Stability

A stronger coupling has been achieved between the platter, spindle, bearing housing and sub-chassis, thanks to the Stainless Steel material chosen and the new design implemented. A key part of this new design is the substantial lock-nut fastening which increases rigidity at what was previously the weakest point. A stronger housing for the thrust pad, combined with a smaller, stiffer form and the new coating improves the critical area that supports the platter rotation and mass. The combination of these changes leads to the reduction of noise for more accurate vinyl reproduction.

Longer Lasting

Karousel’s reduction in friction means that it will last longer.

Easier To Service

The new lock-nut fastening method means quicker and easier removal and replacement without the need for the sub-chassis to be removed which affects suspension/tonearm setup. In addition, the removable ‘thrust pad cap’ allows draining, cleaning and close inspection of the critical pad surface of the bearing without removing it completely from the LP12.

The Personal Touch

Now with the addition of two personalisation options, LP12 owners can create a turntable that’s truly unique to them with the opportunity to match their plinth to any colour finish and to monogram their deck with up to 4 letters.

The same high gloss colour finishes are available for all Linn speakers, so customers can match their speakers to their deck to create a bespoke system.


Karousel Bearing Kit : £750 (inc VAT)

Bearing kit includes: Karousel bearing, inner platter and all required fixings

Plinth personalisation: £330 (inc VAT)*

Monogram etching: £330 (inc VAT)*

* These costs are an extra charge and should be added to the LP12 component cost.

Available to order from Linn LP12 Specialists worldwide from 23rd March 2020. From this date, all LP12 decks will ship with the Karousel bearing in place of the Cirkus bearing.

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