Linn have added their latest digital-to-analogue conversion technology, Katalyst. To their Akubarik and Akudorik loudspeakers.

A specially designed module, suspension-mounted on the back of each speaker houses Linn’s in-house DAC technology.

Both systems utilise their patented Space Optimisation technology to enhance performance based on the acoustic properties of your room and your desired speaker placement. Akubarik (pictured above) and Akudorik  now possess the combination of Katalyst and Exakt. Katalyst is Linn’s 4th Generation DAC Architecture.

The Akubarik speakers feature technologies derived from the flagship Linn Klimax system, with Isobarik bass system, 3K driver array and integrated technologies. Akudorik a hand built compact speaker.

Products and pricing

The new Akubarik and Akudorik featuring Katalyst are available in a choice of finishes, with upgrades available for current owners. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Akubarik System                £30,200
Akubarik Speakers             £27,500

Akudorik System               £20,200
Akudorik Speakers             £17,500

Upgrade Prices:

Akubarik Upgrade             £4,800

Akudorik Upgrade             £3,500





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