Lithuanian loudspeaker maker Audio Solutions has been in touch with Hifi Pig to tell readers all about their newest speaker line which is called Overture.

Overture consists of five different speakers and creates whole line including a centre speaker model, one bookshelf and three floorstanders.Overture_infograph
Audio Slutions have developed special type of protective grill which they say will not distort sound and  whereas typical grilles have frames their grilles are of a completely different type. Each speaker comes with two detachable front panels which is identical with one of the panels being covered with protective cloth. “This way you get exactly the same sound, tonal balance and clarity with or without grilles” says the company’s representative.

The tweeter on the Overture range of loudspeakers is loaded with a mini horn to raise sensitivity in critical region and unload the tweeter itself which they say lowers THD very efficiently.

Overture comes a variety of finishes. A lot of gloss finishes, never seen before textured gloss finishes, classic oak finishes and high gloss, natural, exotic wood finishes. In addition they use a special coating which is scratch-resistant.

Prices are:

O201C 660Eur
O202B 800Eur
O203F 1880Eur
O204F 2330Eur
O205F 2790Eur


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