Living Voice, the specialist high-end audio company based in Derbyshire, England will be well known to many on Hifi Pig we’re sure. Established in 1987 Living Voice manufactures specialist, high performance, hand-built loudspeaker systems of uncompromised performance and uncompromised quality. “Designs of imagination, vision and innovation are created for discerning music lovers”. Brainchild of Kevin Scott, Living Voice was born of a passion for music and is driven by a passion for absolute excellence and this can be seen in the flagship Vox Olympian.

The Vox Olympian is unique in both concept and execution: “a synthesis of fine furniture making, fine art, and cutting edge acoustic science.”


The cabinets are hand built as identical book-matched pairs by Struik and Hamerslag, one of the world’s most accomplished and celebrated cabinet-makers. Each pair consumes 2400 man-hours for the cabinets alone. Standing at 1.6 metres high and weighing 150 kilos, the physical appearance has a “balance of form, proportion and materials that is essentially ‘classical’”. This is a reflection of the extensive use of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence that is at the heart of the Vox Olympian’s acoustic design.

The Vox Olympian is an exponential ‘horn’, or ‘Fibonacci Spiral’ loudspeaker, a technique that uses the laws of nature and geometry to create perfectly natural sound. In some ways you could say that the Vox Olympian has been designed by nature. This sophisticated and evolved technology is said to offer performance advantages over conventional loudspeaker designs, but is rarely seen due to the very high costs and engineering challenges involved. Struik and Hamerslag are one of only a handful of traditional cabinet-makers that have the skill required to execute this intricate and involved design.

All of the construction materials are “noble in character” and have a natural family relationship: the example pictured uses Macassar Ebony, Ripple Eucalyptus and Amboyna Burl woods which have a stable triadic colour relationship that harmonises with the low lustre gunmetal bronze work. This in turn harmonises with the 24-carat gold and oxidised silver details of the metalwork.

The rear elevation of the speaker is similarly integrated and geometrically balanced with all metalwork including the control panels and drive units finished in gunmetal bronze. The stone mounting plinths are fine honed, hand engraved, Fontenay limestone.

The Olympian from Living Voice is built exclusively to order from £250,000 to £400,000 depending on materials and finish.

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