In celebration of LGBT Pride Month 2020, Manley Labs announced the Massive Pride: a special edition of their classic best-selling Massive Passive Stereo Tube Equalizer with rainbow cosmetics derived from the original 1978 gay pride rainbow flag.

Manley Labs said “At Manley Labs, we believe in equality for all human beings regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation, and thus we will be donating our proceeds from sales of this unit to the Human Rights Campaign”.

EveAnna Manley

EveAnna Manley told us: “In the spirit of social inclusion and recognition of our desire for the supportive embrace of all people, I invite everyone to help celebrate Gay Pride Month 2020 with us. May unification, peace, and calm be eventually restored to our planet with love, appreciation, and understanding for all of our fellow humans.”

Massive Pride

Massive Pride is sold out at the Manley factory but still available through authorised Manley dealers and distributors worldwide. This is the current version, featuring the new Manley Power® switch-mode power supply. Pricing is the same as the standard Massive Passive.

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