New British hi-fi brand, Modern British Audio Company, is launching the Status integrated amplifier. With a strong emphasis on minimising noise and distortion the Status will be a dual mono design.MBACo Status_angle

Manufactured in the UK, from largely British sourced components, the Status comprises two separate 170 watt per channel (8 ohm) monobloc amplifiers within the casework, which are coupled to an analogue control pre-amp stage.

Digital and analogue power supplies are utilised for the pre-amp section, with an advanced switch mode design offering very low standby dissipation that is then regulated using linear regulators to provide clean supplies for the pre-amp control and DAC sections. Ultra-low noise regulators are used in a two-stage regulation design for the analogue side of the pre-amp.

The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and DAC allows high quality streaming of music from iOS, Android and Windows devices using A2DP and AVRCP 1.4 protocols. The DAC’s differential analogue outputs are coupled directly to a dedicated differential pre-amp input to maintain signal integrity, reject noise and minimise distortion.

The emphasis on differential circuit design, utilised in the pre-amplifier, is carried through to the Bluetooth input, which is also differential, as is the dedicated XLR input. Four single ended inputs are provided, but these too take advantage of the differential circuit topology, allowing each single ended input to operate with single point grounding.

Substantial power supplies, separate for each individual mono channel, provide high current capacity for the power stages and a separately regulated higher voltage supply to the power amplifier’s input and driver stages. A total of 80,000uF storage capacitors are used in the amplifier. Circuit design within the power stages has been as carefully planned as the preamp stage, with the use of field effect transistors in critical circuit positions, including the output stages.

Physical connection to the Status is via three sets of phono inputs, a 3.5mm front mounted socket and the balanced XLR inputs. Left, right and subwoofer pre-amp outputs are provided and the speaker terminals are fitted with WBT posts. The Status also features a dedicated Class A headphone amplifier.

Control is via the IR remote and provision has been made for integration into control and distribution systems via the RS232 port.

Darren Hollands, of Modern British Audio Co. says, “The Status represents our first amplification product and is a no compromise design; a substantial and impressive statement piece that shows off the brand philosophy of MBAco. Namely, producing hi-fi products and in this case an amplifier, that delivers a powerful yet transparent sonic performance to enhance people’s enjoyment and to reveal musical detail they’ve never heard before. Coupled with our new loudspeakers, MBAco will be bringing a whole new level of musical enjoyment to the Bristol show visitors and wider consumer base.”

£6295 UK MSRP inc. VAT


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