McIntosh Laboratories have recently announced the MX151 home theatre preamplifier. The McIntosh MX151 features the latest in HDMI technology and full support for 3D video pass-through.

The Preamplifier has built-in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding with Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect room correction technology, which adjusts the audio signal to the specific acoustics of your room.

The useful dual zone feature allows different media to be played simultaneously in two separate rooms with independent program selection and control. The MX151 boasts an impressive array of digital and analogue inputs which can be custom labelled for simplified operation and matched in volume level for a smooth transition between sources.

The new McIntosh unit has assignable balanced input and outputs, a moving magnet phono section, bass and treble controls and optional processing up to 7.1 multi-channel using Dolby Pro Logic® IIx or DTS Neo.

The MX151’s control options include IR-remote, web based GUI, and interfacing with all third party control systems. Audio options for up to 12 channels, multiple subwoofers, or bi-amping of speakers are built in.

Price for the McIntosh MX151 is $12 500.

McIntosh have also announced the MX121 A/V Control Center at $6,000, the MC8207 Power Amplifier at $6,000 and the MVP891 Audio Video Player at $5,500.

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  1. I have an mx136 that has a persistent low volume hum. Neither Mcintosh or their local repair centre can fix it. They have offered me a replacement 136. In your opinion would i be better off to try and get an mx 151 as a trade plus a little cash, or dont bother trying to upgrade.


  2. Hi Dave,

    I’m having the same low 60hz hum with my recently purchased mx136 from a member on audiogon.

    Been pulling my hair out trying to cure the problem.

    Any luck on your end??

    Let me know.



  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m having same 60 hz low hum on my mx136.

    Have you figured out the prob, I been pulling my hair out trying to cure mine.

    Let me know if you had any luck.



    Had to repost the first posting was deleted I think!??

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