McIntosh will announce the launch of three new products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show – MB100 MXA70 Front Color Rendering hi resmedia bridge, MHA100 headphone amplifier and MXA70 integrated audio system. No photographs are available as yet.

MB100 media bridge  

The MB100 media bridge allows streaming from Pandora© to SiriusXM© to Spotify© and more. The MB100 also allows guests to stream music directly from their wireless devices and features cloud access for backup and synchronization across multiple systems.  The TuneBridge™ icon will find the original album from just one track and Spotify can serve up the entire album in seconds. It has a solid state 64GB drive housing the OS with an additional 1TB hard drive for file storage. Controlled via an iOS/Android app, web browser, TV UI and/or front-panel display, the MB100 looks like a great digital hub.

MHA100 headphone amplifier 

The new MHA100 is McIntosh’s first dedicated headphone amplifier which features four digital inputs, while the headphone section uses McIntosh-designed and hand-wound impedance matching Autoformers.  The MHA100 is more compact than previous McIntosh amps, making it more desktop-friendly and it also features a 50-watt stereo speaker output.

MXA70 integrated audio system (pictured)

Featuring a compact yet fully functional 50-watt stereo amplifier and a pair of two-way desktop speakers, the MXA70 is an all in one system. The speakers feature drivers housed cast aluminium cabinets and there are connections for a powered subwoofer available. The MXA70 also includes the same dedicated headphone amplifier found in the new MHA100.

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