Not available anywhere else, MCRU will be presenting a short series of exclusive deals only available on Hifi Pig. There is a paypalnova buy now button included for purchasing direct from this site.

Today we offer all “PIG” viewers the chance to get onto the IsoTek Systems ladder to better sound quality through effective mains conditioning/filtration.

The IsoTek GII Nova has been around for a few years, it was originally manufactured for AV + Hi-Fi use and optimized for front end equipment such as pre-amps, dvd and blu ray players, phono stages and tuners. It features 6 direct coupled six stage primary and five stage secondary filter circuits with each outlet individually filtered. IsoTek use adaptive gating which automatically senses the requirements of the load.

The GII Nova will handle low powered amplifiers like the Cyrus range as an example, many customers prefer to plug their power amps direct into the wall socket but we always suggest try both and see.

The GII Nova is limited stock now and MCRU have only a handful left in Black, list price was £3300 (mainly due to the very mcru-no-5-mains-power-leadexpensive chokes inside the unit) but they are now reduced to £1650 and still come with full IsoTek warranty and are brand new and boxed.

The MCRU Hifi Pig exclusive offer is a GII Nova (which incidentally uses the superb RDC cone feet to rest on) bundled with a MCRU No. 5 mains power lead worth £165 absolutely “free” the No. 5 uses 4mm sq conductors and the excellent Furutech FI-1363 pure copper mains plug fitted with the correct connector to power the NOVA.

A review of the No. 5 is here

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