It’s black every day with Melco’s new black finish option rolling out across the half-width N10 Series.

Melco the audiophile digital music library manufacturer, is celebrating Black Friday in its own unique way with the introduction of a new black-finish option across its recently introduced half-width N10 Series of digital music libraries, comprising the entry-level N100 (£1,999) and the flagship N10 (£6,999) two-box solution. The new black finish also extends to the matching half-width accessories, including the new S100 audiophile data-switch announced in October.

High End Munich

First unveiled at High End, Munich, in 2019, the new black finish option joins the established silver variant across the space-saving N10 Series. Whilst the black finish has always been available with Melco’s full-width N1 Series, (which were the first Melco audiophile music libraries to introduced), the roll-out was staggered with the compact-chassis N10 Series.

N10 & N100 Libraries

Melco’s wide-ranging half-width accessories, including the D100 Compact Disc Drive/Loader, E100 (3TB HDD) expansion drive (pictured with the N100) and the aforementioned S100 data-switch, are also available in black to match the N10 and N100 libraries.

Melco EX Series

Melco’s digital music libraries are transitioning to the new EX Series which made its world debut at The UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 in Ascot (November) and features a comprehensive software suite upgrade to include the Melco Intelligent Music Library, incorporating SongKong for Melco and MinimServer, plus vTuner and more. Full EX Series details are expected w/c Dec. 1st.

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