It’s not very often we carry news of in-car hifi but thought this was interesting.

Land Rover and Meridian have announced their collaboration to design two powerful and unique in-car audio systems for the new Freelander 2. Land Rover has given the Freelander 2 a premium overhaul with new colours, new exterior design features, upgraded equipment levels and the new lightweight and efficient petrol engine. T

The Meridian Sound System is a 380 watt, 12-channel stereophonic system featuring 11 loudspeakers, including a dual-channel subwoofer.

The Meridian Surround Sound System is an 825 watt, 16-channel stereo/surround system featuring 17 loudspeakers, including a dual-channel subwoofer.

Both systems employ the latest Digital Signal Processing technologies (DSP) to deliver distortion-free sound, tailored to cabin acoustics using Meridian Cabin Correction. Digital Dither Shaping is also utilised by both systems.
The inclusion of Dynamic Volume Control aids performance by monitoring extraneous noise levels within the cabin and maintaining a constant volume in order for it to be perfectly heard whatever the circumstances.

In addition, the Meridian Surround Sound System features Trifield technology.


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