Meridian Audio has announced the introduction of their Prime Headphone Amplifier which replays audio from both Meridian_prime_headphone_ampanalogue and USB-based sources. The Prime Headphone Amplifier also provides a preamplifier output to drive an external audio system or active loudspeakers. 

The metal enclosure of the Prime headphone amplifier is a dual-skinned design of interlocking extrusions which Meridian say makes the circuitry far less susceptible to interference. There are no screws – the box is opened by a hidden magnetic release mechanism

The Prime Headphone Amplifier can be powered by the wall-mounted supply provided or by the optional Meridian Prime Power Supply, available early December.. 

Meridian’s Prime Headphone Amplifier, features Analogue Spatial Processing (ASP) which “transforms headphone listening, providing a more natural spatial soundstage that’s more like listening on loudspeakers”.  

Price is £1200

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