Merrill Audio of the USA has announced a large upgrade from their previous Tape Head Preamplifier, the Master Tape Head Preamp.

Additional features include VU Meters for calibration, High-Frequency level adjustments, output level control, channel balance, and VU Meter level adjustment. Finally, there is a Studio Quality Tape Head Preamplifier.

Ampex ATR 100 Series

The Merrill Audio Master Tape Head Preamp is the second of a series of their Tape Head Preamplifier. Priced at $15,000, it is an ideal addition to the Ampex ATR 100, 102 and 104 series or the Otari MTR desks. Merrill Audio can provide the plug in card to access the tape head directly on the Ampex ATR 100 series Machines, replacing the onboard preamp cards for an increase in performance.

Merrill Audio Master Tape Head Preamp

The maximum gain on the Merrill Audio Master Tape Head Preamp is set to 71dB, and has an adjustable output level from 0dB to 71dB. There are 6 Speed and Equalization settings provided which are 3.75ips/NAB, 7.5 IPS/NAB, 7.5 IPS/IEC, 15IPS/NAB, 15IPS/IEC and 30IPS/AES. Easy settings are done from the Capacitive Color 5inch touch screen from the front panel touch screen. The configuration is saved to memory which is restored on power up. The Merrill Audio Master Tape Head Preamplifier will accept Tape outputs from 0.3mV to 6mV and has a maximum peak to peak output range of 24 volts.

Rose Gold & Black

The Merrill Audio Master Tape Head Preamplifier comes in a work of art chassis, Rose Gold Front, black chassis with a full color, 5inch, Capacitive touch screen TFT display for easy reading and configuration.

Custom XLR Connectors

The Merrill Audio Master Tape Head Preamplifier is built with ultra-tight tolerance components, Silver plated Teflon sleeved wire, fully balanced inputs and outputs, custom Merrill Audio XLR connectors with gold plated pins with Teflon body in metal housing are used. The power supply is the Kratos II external power supply.

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