We have been closely following Kostas Metaxas and the development of his new Reel to Reel machine, now we can bring you some video footage of it in action.

The Metaxas & Sins “T-RX” is a portable analogue tape machine designed for ultimate location recording and playback duties. Biased for either 468 or 911 1/4” analogue tape, it can operate only at 15ips (or switchable 30ips and 7.5ips) using 6 brushless DC motors using the latest in hi-tech motor technology from Swiss Maxon, in partnership with discrete single-ended circuits and NOS “Heads” from the 1960’s

You can read our interview with Kostas here!

Swiss Watch

In other words, Kostas Metaxas says it is “built like a large Swiss mechanical watch mechanism. The result is a “kinetic art object” which happens to record and play analogue tape”.

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