Top end of the METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE products, the KALISTA Ultimate CD Transport with its separate ELEKTRA power supply is “today the high class Metronome-Technologies-Kalista-Ultimate-SE-CD-Transport-417x260component which permits to obtain an unmatched level in terms of harmonic realism, dynamic and 3D sound specialization.”

Main Highlights and Design Features

The Philips CDM 12 Pro 2 metal chassis has been significantly customized by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE and provides a stable foundation.
The Perpex® and stainless steel clamp and the proprietary shaft designed by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE has been designed to give better stability of the CD and consequently to reproduce the best possible sound with a low jitter.

Continuous ground link from the disc surface to the electrical earth permits the dissipation of static electricity for better working conditions of electronic and optical components.

A switchable up sampling device delivers 24 bit/96 kHz signal to the D/A converter.

The Elektra separate power supply with individual power transformers and completely independent regulation lines for each critical part of the transport – display, servo mechanism, motor, digital output stage – provides an inter-stage EMI/RFI radiation protection and ensures a “dynamic analog-like sound quality”. It also permits to mechanically isolate the sensitive electronic components from the vibration induced by the transformers.
Kalista may come with a series of options, such as a tripod stand as well as customisations.


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