RiCables are designed and manufactured in Oleggio, near Milan.

The cables are designed for “the lowest impedance, capacitance and are soldered to low distortion terminations”, they carry a lifetime warranty.

High-End Invictus Cables

The RiCables offering is four separate ranges of cable, from the entry-level Primus, through Magnus and Dedalus to the High-End Invictus, including RCA, XLR, Speaker, Coax, HDMI, Power, Subwoofer, Phono cables, and binding post links.

Mian Distribution

Andy Moore of British distributor Mian told us: “After many 100’s of hours auditioning cables we have found a range that  offers incredible value and displays no frequency tilt or crashing unnatural brightness, rather these cables are super detailed yet warm and natural, offering a vast soundstage that gets larger as you move up the range. Bellissimo.!!”.


The prices start with the Primus with a 1m interconnect priced at £88.00 and a 2m pair of interconnects at £179.00 terminated. They go up to the Invictus speaker cable at £1132 for a 2m pair.

All cables regardless of price point are manufactured in Italy.

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