This months offering from él records was recorded in 1956 and is Michel Legrand’s homage to the French capital where he was born in 1932. You may not necessarily know the name but you are sure to know some of his tunes as he’s got around 200 film scores to his credit and if you’re still struggling you will certainly know Dusty Springfield’s version of Windmills Of Your Mind which is another of his tunes.

In France and further afield, Legrand’s name is synonymous with cinema and his music was the anchor for many of the New Wave of French film. This album contains not only the album Bonjour Paris but also Le Joli Mai and selections from Rendezvous a Paris.legrand_bonjour_paris

The cinematic connection is clear in the music herein; with the main order of the day being big production numbers that conjure lazy Sunday afternoons from my youth sat in front of whatever black and white film was on the idiot box. This album is Paris on a 12cm silver disc and whilst it may not be the kind of thing that will be on constant rotation here at Hifi Pig Towers it certainly has enough interest to hold my attention for the duration.

The Parisian connection is highlighted perfectly when Yves Montand sings Joli Mai and all you need to complete the illusion is a Pastis or a coffee and for all intents and purpose you are there on the Champs D’Elysee watching the world go by.

Stuart Smith








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