The MINT Maraschino is a two channel implementation of the Digital Amp Co’s  Maraschino Amplifier Circuit plus input MINT Maraschino Front 1select (front/back), sleep control (on/off/auto), and volume control.  Power is provided by a single, external, upgradeable power supply.  There is a standard (48V) version and a KING version (60V).  Output power is up to 250W with the standard version and up to 1000W with the KING version!  The KING version also includes Gold WBT binding posts.  The MINT is a compact (7.8″ x 6.5″ x 2.3″) based in an extruded aluminium chassis on Sorbothane feet.

MINT stands for Maraschino Integrated Nano Technology.  It is a stereo amplifier, nade in USA, for use with a wide range of kit.

There’s only a very short time left on the company’s Kickstarter campaign and they are looking for a little more support, despite having hit their target.


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